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It is never easy to grab the attention of emotionally charged and demanding football fans. And so different ads deploy different appeal tactics. Considering how football and theatrics always go hand in hand, it comes as a no surprise when this sport generates some really iconic and interesting ads our way.

These were the ads we just could not disassociate from football!

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Advertising on Hotstar can be a very tactical method to either complement or substitute your TV campaign. While the cost of advertising on Hotstar in terms of cost per reach is higher than Television and even Youtube, the absolute cost can be quite low. This is possible because one can advertise on Hotstar after applying geography filters.

For one looking to advertise on Hotstar, these tips would be helpful:

  1. Keep the video length to a maximum of 20 seconds as unlike Youtube Hotstar advertising rates go up with the ad length
  2. Use the available filters to narrow down to your Target group. Even if the rates go up with the filters, its worth to use those filters than waste it
  3. Track the performance of each ad used in Hotstar advertising campaign through different UTMs
  4. Don’t measure the campaign success of Hotstar advertising only from CTR perspective. Do check the traffic quality through parameters like Bounce Rate and Average time spent
  5. As the user does not have much choice to skip an ad on Hotstar don’t get influenced by completion rate vs. other video advertising platforms like Hotstar

Hope you found these tips for advertising on Hotstar helpful. You can find complete rate and filters available at Hotstar Advertising Rates

You can also check details for other Video Advertising platforms like Youtube, Voot and Sony Liv at TheAdview.

TheAdview is a Start Up that can help you advertise on Hotstar in the best possible manner with best rates and planning.

Mail us to post your Ad on Hotstar with Adview Ads || This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Brand MODI || Behind the Brand

Bharatiya Janata birthday party leader Narendra Modi's election juggernaut in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls is an instance of howto prepare and effectively implement a advertising and branding campaign. irrespective of your religion, ideology and voting selection, there has been no escaping Modi. His picture and in-your-face messaging have overshadowed all different manufacturers - even that of his very own birthday party. this situation observe looks at the strategy and strategies behind the introduction of brand Modi.


Pitching a particular chief as a driving force of change and to mobilise citizens' aid is infrequently a brand new political method. in spite of everything, the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) had projected L.k. Advani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee its high ministerial candidates inside the beyond (don't forget the Ab ki baari Atal Bihari slogan in 1996?). The Congress party's projection of Indira Gandhi because the u . s .'s tallest leader with its 'Indira lao desh bachao' tagline within the Nineteen Seventies is some other such instance. but the non-public rhetoric had been tied, and now and again made subservient, to the political events to which these leaders belonged. along with his landslide win inside the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi has rewritten the policies of the sport and redefined Indian politics. logo Modi has no longer most effective captured popular creativeness but additionally trumped logo BJP. How did it show up?

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Everything comes with an expiry date and digital marketing trends are no exception.

With close to 450 million Indians already online, the digital industry is fast-evolving. Since the launch of Jio, India has seen 9 times growth in usage of internet data. Owing to this, the dynamic platform of digital marketing has witnessed a lot of progression and development. The trends that worked a few years ago have reached their expiry date and newer, more effective trends have emerged. Let’s take a look at few of the digital marketing practices that are no longer effective in today’s day and age and their improvised versions that have taken over the online community.

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Programmatic Advertising & Media Buying
“In our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope.” With Adview #Ads now do these things automatically || Adview Ads

Maybe you are new to programmatic advertising, or maybe you’ve been working in media and ad buying for years, but still can’t find a way to explain it in a way your parents could understand. 

One problem with the term “programmatic” is it’s come to encompass many things, and, like most things in ad tech, it’s bogged down in jargon. Fundamentally, programmatic is just software-driven technology to automate all or parts of the ad buying process.

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