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Get rates and details for advertising in stadiums while cricket matches are being played and telecast on Televisions. As a Cricket Frenzy nation, all of us must have noticed those ads running at the boundaries or on the Giant Screens inside the cricket stadium. Now find how to advertise on those in-stadium boards, ground sides, ground paintings and LED screens. You will find list of all media options available to advertise in the cricket stadiums, their rates, how to book the ads and special packages. It is important to note that rate varies with every tournament and also the teams that are playing. For e.g. advertising rate for in cricket stadium branding for an India Australia test match would be different from India Bangladesh test match cricket. 

As a media agency who deals in in-stadium branding, you can be assured of best rates and proper planning. Contact us to check best rates, availability and to understand how to execute ads inside cricket stadiums while the matches are being telecast. Visit:


Cricket Stadium India Advertising is one of the simple yet effective way to raise the profile and awareness of your brand to both a national and international audience. With thousands of cricket lovers and corporate guests visiting the ground, your company has the platform to place itself in a superior limelight. There are a vast number of opportunities for the placement of branded boards. Ground level pitch facing boards are guaranteed to reach a millions of television viewers when domestic games are televised at India and International matches are broadcasted. Cricket Stadium advertising or branding is a part of standard sponsorship packages offered to brands who have chosen to associate with that cricket series. 

What impacts advertising rates for in stadium branding?

The rates for advertising inside cricket stadiums on boundary screens, sight screens, score board depends on various factors. These factors are size of the stadium, teams which are playing the match, type of tournament whether it is an ICC tournament or bilateral series, match format – T20 or One Day or Test Match. 

How to advertise inside the stadiums during cricket match?

Please mail to us the match that you would want to target. Depending on the stadium where the match is being played, we would revert with best pricing and the availability.


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